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Lost or Forgotten Password

SR and SC Series NTP Servers Help and Support: Lost or Forgotten Password
Models that this article applies to:

SR Series: SR7110, SR9210, SR9750, SR9850, SR9860D
SC Series: SC7105, SC9205, SC9705


Lost or forgotten the administrative password ? It can be easily recovered with physical access to the device using the serial console lead.


The SR and SC series web, telnet and console connections are password protected. The administrative username for all connections is ‘admin’, the default password is also ‘admin’. However, the password can be changed in order to secure the device.

In the event that the administrative password has been changed and lost or forgotten, it can be easily modified by using the supplied console cable to connect the time servers console port to a PC RS232 serial port. This requires physical access to the device and so prevents unsecured modification.

Use the supplied console serial cable to connect to the time server via a PC serial port. Use a dumb terminal emulator, such as ‘Hyper-Terminal’ to communicate to the device using the following settings: 9600 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control.

Login to the device using username ‘root’. Contact TimeTools directly for root password.

From the command prompt, enter:


The ‘admin’ username password can be changed by selecting option: ‘[2] Security’ and option ‘[1] Change Password’. Alternatively, the unit can be reset to factory defaults with option ‘[4] Local’ and option ‘[2] Factory Defaults’. This will restore all settings, including the ‘admin’ password back to factory default.