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GPS Signal Distribution

GPS Splitters

GPS splitters allow a feed from a single GPS antenna to be shared between multiple receivers.

Cost savings can be achieved by reducing the amount of cabling required to install multiple receiving devices. A single antenna and surge suppressor can be installed and shared between multiple GPS NTP servers or other GPS receivers.

A disadvantage of GPS splitters is that they create a single point of failure. If the single antenna fails or indeed the splitter itself, the GPS feed to all the connected receivers will be lost.

Additionally, in some instances, the cost of a splitter can out-weigh the cost of installing separate antennas for each receiver.

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GPS Over Optical Fiber Link

A GPS over fiber link system allows GPS signals to be transmitted with minimal losses over long cable distances using optical fiber.

It provides a highly secure link between a GPS antenna and receiver. It is also resistant to noise, allowing an interference-free link through noisy environments.

The technology transparently provides cross-site connection between a GPS antenna and receiver unit.

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