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T-3040 Permanent-Mount GPS Timing Antenna

Multi-GNSS GPS Timing Antenna

TimeTools GPS timing antenna systems feature class-leading out-of-band signal rejection with great signal to noise ratio. They also have a very high LNA gain, ideal for long cable runs typically used in permanent-mount timing applications.

Additionally, unlike some competitors, TimeTools GPS antenna systems do not include an integral receiver in the antenna enclosure. The GPS receiver is enclosed within the time server, thus protecting it from harsh weather conditions, aiding long-term reliability.

Key Features

Professional-Grade Permanent Mount Antenna.
Weather-Proof, IP67, Housing.
Pre-Filtered, Jam-Resistant, GPS Antenna.
High LNA Gain.
Wide Voltage Range.

Key Benefits

Great out-of-band signal rejection.
Ideal For High Level RF Environments.
Great Signal to Noise Ratio.
Long Cable Runs


The T-3040 is a professional grade, high gain, pre-filtered permanent mount, GPS L1 antenna. It is housed in an industrial grade, weather-proof, conical white enclosure, and is supplied with a TNC Jack (female) connector. The antenna features a conical radome and is specially designed for timing applications in environments characterized by high L-Band RF fields and long cable runs. The T-3040 also features a precisely tuned ceramic patch element, a tight band-pass SAW pre-filter, a first LNA gain stage, an in line SAW filter, followed by a two stage amplifier.

The antenna provides a reliable and clear GPS signal while minimizing loss-of-lock, even when conditions are less than ideal. It covers the GPS L1 and SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) frequency band (1572.5 to 1578 MHz), and it offers unparalleled out-of-band signal rejection and excellent axial ratio for improved signal reception and multi-path rejection. An optional specially designed right-angled bracket is available for securely mounting the antenna on to a vertical surface, such as a wall, or antenna pole (P/N MT4-GPS).

Product Codes

T-3040          Permanent-Mount GPS Timing Antenna


T-3040 GPS Timing Antenna Data Sheet