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SR and SC Series NTP Time Servers Firmware Updates

To take advantage of new features, security updates and bug fixes, TimeTools recommends that customers regularly check that their SR and SC series network time servers firmware is up to date.

The latest firmware updates for the SR and SC Series NTP Time Servers can be downloaded using the links below. The zipped files contains a tar archive for uploading to the SR/SC series device along with installation instructions. (Models: SR7110, SC7105, ZIP archive file, 3.5MB) (Models: SR9210, SC9205, ZIP archive file, 3.5MB) (Models: SR9750, SR9850, SC9705, ZIP archive file, 3.5MB) (Models: SR9860D, ZIP archive file, 3.5MB)

Guide to Updating SR and SC Series NTP Servers Firmware (PDF, 209KB)

SR Series Firmware Version Control (PDF, 67KB)

SR\SC Series NTP Server User Guide (PDF, 1.7MB)