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Analog NTP-Synchronized IP Wall Clock with PoE

NTP-Synchronized Analog Wall Clock with PoE

Networked analog wall clocks that synchronize using SNTP to a common reference. The clocks provide a consistent and reliably accurate display of time wherever they are installed. Ideal for installation in schools, hospitals, offices, airports – anywhere accurate time is required.

Various time zones can be configured and the clocks automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes. No operator intervention is required.

Power and data is provided to the clocks over standard CAT5 cabling. Unlike wireless clocks, you will never need to move the clocks in order to search for a reliable radio signal.

Key Features

  • Flexible power options using industry standard IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Power and data provided over standard CAT5 cabling.
  • Very low power consumption – only 3 Watts.
  • Automatic time adjustment using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol).
  • Can synchronize to local or internet NTP server or Windows Server.
  • Maintenance free – adjusts automatically for Daylight Saving Time.
  • Standard RJ45 10/100 BaseT Ethernet.
  • DHCP or static IP addressing.
  • Easy to read clock face with large numerals.
  • CE, FCC and ETL approvals.
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty.
  • Double sided option available – only requiring single Ethernet connection.


  • Consistent, accurate, traceable display of time throughout an organization.
  • Classes and meetings start on time. Events accurately logged.
  • Easy to install, configure and maintain.
  • Ideal for access control systems, trading rooms, time & attendance systems, anywhere consistent time is needed.

NTP Synchronization

The analog wall clock maintains accurate time using the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). The clocks can operate from any local NTP or SNTP server, including TimeTools range of NTP products. Alternatively, a Windows server can be used or any internet based NTP reference.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Advantage

By using industry standard IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), both power and IP data are provided via a single CAT5 cable. Cost savings are achieved as no mains outlets are required where the clocks are mounted.

Customer References and Testimonials

TimeTools Customer List

See more customer references.

“I have just added a number of NTP wall clocks to our network in our operations office. They were easy to set up and get going and work a treat. Excellent product.”
Aviation Metrology ,
International Airport – UAE

Mounting Options

Single and double-sided options are available. The single-sided clock can be mounted to a flat surface via a key-hole cut-out. The double-sided models can be either wall or ceiling mounted.

Double-Sided NTP-Synchronized Wall Clock


Single-Sided Clock

Model: ONTA12-BK

Accuracy: ±1 second
Maximum Viewing Distance: 30m

Lens: Polycarbonate
Surround: Black plastic
Mounting Options: Surface Mounting

Diameter: 29.5 cm
Depth: 5.1 cm
Weight: 0.73 kg

Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 ºC
Maximum Operating Humidity: 95%, non-condensing

Power Consumption: 3W
Power: IEEE 802.3af PoE

IP Addressing: DHCP or Static.
Ethernet Connection: 10/100 BaseT RJ45
Network Protocols: SNTP, Telnet

Time-zones: Configurable for time-zone and daylight saving (DST)

Double-Sided Clock (As above except):

Model: ONTA12DS-BK

Mounting Options: Pendant or Cantilever

Depth: 10.8 cm
Weight: 3.2 kg

Power Consumption: 4W

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