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T550 Enterprise Class NTP Server

T550 Enterprise NTP Server Appliance

TimeTools T550 Stratum 1 GPS / GNSS Enterprise Class NTP Server / Network Time Server is ideal for synchronizing large corporate networks. The device features dual Ethernet ports and can serve in excess of 100,000 network time clients.

By utilizing a Multi-GNSS timing receiver, the T550 can obtain precise timing information from the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo*1 satellite systems. GNSS timing to within 15 nanoseconds is achievable, while NTP can synchronize to within 3 microseconds of UTC.

Additionally, an integrated high-precision TCXO oscillator maintains accurate time and stratum 1 operation during loss of GNSS signal lock. Essentially, it provides timing backup in the unlikely event of periods of signal loss.

The device is very easy to install and configure. Configuration is via a HTTP or HTTPS web page.

The T550 is future-proof , featuring both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. It also provides SNMP alarms to warn central monitoring systems of faults.

The device features a high-sensitivity Multi-GNSS receiver that can receive satellite signals in very challenging locations. In many instances, it can receive a signal with an indoor located antenna with no line of sight to the sky. This feature can provide a significant saving on installation costs. The receiver can also maintain time from a single satellite in view making window antenna location a possibility.

The T550 is housed in a high-quality, space-saving 1U high rack-mountable enclosure. It also features a Universal mains power supply that can be used world-wide.

Our confidence in the reliability and longevity of the T550 is demonstrated by the provision of an industry leading 3-year warranty.


Accurately synchronize in excess of 100,000 network time clients.
Stratum 1 operation via GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo*1 satellite signals.
Stratum 2 operation via external NTP servers.
Internal time keeping via TCXO oscillator provides Stratum-1 holdover.
High-Accuracy: GNSS < 15nsec, NTP < 3usec.
Alarm notifications via SNMP Traps.
Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
Dual 10/100 Mbit Ethernet ports.
High Quality 1U High 19 inch Rack-Mountable Aluminium Enclosure.
Universal AC mains input.
Industry leading 3-year warranty and lifetime support.
Made in UK.


Data center network timing, measurement and synchronization.
Synchronization of servers, workstations and network infrastructure.
Automation Systems, SCADA, Network Monitoring and Control Systems.
CCTV systems and Digital Video Recorder synchronization.
Access Control System timing.
NTP master clock for synchronized clock systems.
Applications requiring a legally traceable source of time.
Enterprise-wide time synchronization.

Synchronization of Large Networks

Supporting both NTP and SNTP protocols, the T550 can synchronize a range of servers, workstations and network infrastructure. By processing up to 1500 NTP requests per second, it can serve in excess of 200,000 network time clients – enough for even the largest of networks.

Combining a high-performance processing module with LINUX PPS kernel timing, the NTP sub-system can synchronize to within 1 microsecond of UTC.

Sophisticated, High Sensitivity Multi-GNSS Receiver

Concurrently receiving GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou GNSS satellite signals, the T550 is also Galileo ready. Additionally, a high stability TCXO oscillator provides extended stratum-1 operation in the event of satellite signal loss. With the ability to automatically warn of any impending leap-second insertion, the T550 can correctly insert leap-seconds without any operator intervention.

Secure Source of Time

Corporate network security is of paramount importance. Internet located NTP devices reside outside of network firewalls. They require open ports in order to be able to contact them. By residing inside a network firewall, no firewall ports need to be open. The T550 NTP appliance provides a secure source of time. Additionally, it implements secure protocols for monitoring and configuration.

Does your organization need to accurately synchronize the clocks of computers and network infrastructure? If so, check out TimeTools range of GNSS network time server appliances.