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TimeTools Introduces T300 GPS Time Server

Cost-Effective, High Performance Time Server For Network Clock Synchronization.

West Midlands, UK. – January 24, 2020 – TimeTools, a UK based designer and manufacturer of network timing and clock synchronization equipment, today announced the availability of the T300 GPS Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

The T300 utilizes atomic time from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to precisely synchronize the clocks of computers and other networked devices. It provides GPS timing accurate to 15 nanoseconds when locked and NTP timing to 3 microseconds. The powerful ARM processor allows it to accurately synchronize in excess of 100,000 network time clients.

Housed in a 1U high, 19-inch rack-mountable aluminium enclosure, the T300 occupies minimal rack space. A high-sensitivity GPS timing receiver, provides the possibility of indoor antenna location, reducing installation costs. Additionally, single satellite in view technology allows GPS signal reception in challenging locations.

“TimeTools T300 provides all of the advantages of dedicated network time servers to organizations previously reliant on Internet time, due to cost constraints”, said Andy Shinton, TimeTools Managing Director. “We have made every effort to provide a well-engineered, high quality, time server at a fantastic price”.

The T300 provides many of the features of more expensive devices at a much lower cost. The appliance is used in finance, telecommunications and power industries. It provides accurate time for transaction processing, data logging and control applications.

The T300 is supplied with a rugged weather-proof GPS antenna, multi-purpose antenna mount and 30m (100ft) low-loss coax cable. The appliance is made in the UK, and is available now, at an incredibly cost-effective price of just £850 \ 995€ \ $1150.

About TimeTools Ltd:
TimeTools is a UK based designer, developer and manufacturer of Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers and clock synchronization equipment. Established in 2002, TimeTools provides high quality timing equipment to organizations world-wide. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service backed by ISO9001 management systems.

For more information, please contact TimeTools at +44 (0)1902 897400, email or visit TimeTools web site at