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PoE NTP Clock – Networked Time Displays

A range of power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled analog and digital NTP clock devices for displaying accurate time throughout an organisation. The clocks have a standard RJ45 connector and connect to an Ethernet network using CAT5 cabling.

By utilizing the NTP protocol to synchronize to a master clock or NTP time server, the clocks display highly accurate time. The PoE clocks are ideal for any application that requires an accurate display of time. Schools, interview rooms, trading floors, meeting rooms and many other applications benefit from consistent time.

Ethernet Networked NTP Clock
Ethernet Networked NTP Synchronized PoE Wall Clock

Network Time Protocol Time Display Features

  • Automatic synchronization over an Ethernet network by NTP/SNTP.
  • No user intervention required to maintain accurate time.
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time changes.
  • Fully configurable time zone and daylight saving time settings.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3af) compliant. No mains spur is required where the clock is to be located. Saving on cabling and installation costs.
  • Simple mounting on a wall or flat surface via keyhole cut-outs.
  • Optional mounting kit to allow single or double sided mounting at right-angles off the wall or ceiling.
  • Simple, secure configuration is achieved via a password protected Telnet session from a PC on the same network segment as the clocks. Configuration via a DHCP string is also possible.
  • The clock is configured by default as a DHCP client. A static IP address can be assigned.
  • Four digit NTP clock models display hours and minutes. Six digital models also show seconds. Analog clocks have hour, minute and second hands.
  • The clocks can synchronize to a local or internet NTP server and Windows or Linux servers.
  • Ideal for trading floors, access control systems, video surveillance, time and attendance, interview rooms, anywhere where an accurate time display is required.
  • Digital clocks have bright, easily readable 100mm (4—inch) high red or green LED digits. Easily viewable from up to 50m.

Power Over Ethernet For Simpler Installation

The clocks utilize Power-over-Ethernet technology  to simplify installation and reduce installation costs. Power is taken from the network cable in the same manner as IP phones, IP cameras and other standard network equipment. No mains power outlet or spur is required where the clock is to be located. Eliminating the need for expensive mains wiring and installation.

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