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Inova OnTime NTP PoE IP Wall Clocks

TimeTools is an official reseller of the Inova OnTime range of analog and digital wall clocks and time displays. We can supply Inova’s full range of wall clocks to organisations world-wide.

NTP Analog and Digital Wall Clocks
NTP Analog and Digital Wall Clocks

Organisation-Wide Synchronised Display of Time

The wall clocks provide an organisation-wide, accurate, display of time, ensuring that everyone is working to the same time. They simply plug onto a standard ethernet network with a RJ45 network jack, therefore, utilising potentially pre-existing network infrastructure.By utilising Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) over ethernet, each clock is synchronised to the same, accurate, time.

A great feature is that the clocks are completely maintenance free, adjusting automatically for daylight saving time. They can also be configured for any specific time zone and daylight-saving requirements.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) IEEE802.3af IP Network Clocks

The clocks utilise IEEE802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, identical to IP-telephones. PoE provides a step forward in powering network-attached devices, by providing both power and data through an existing CAT-5 network cable.

The use of PoE adds flexibility and reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for a local mains outlet positioned near the location of the clock. Only a single CAT-5 network cable is required to run to the location of the clock which will provide both power and data requirements.

If your network is not currently PoE enabled, multi-port PoE network switches are available from any IT reseller at a very reasonable cost. Alternatively, TimeTools can provide low-cost single port PoE injectors for powering individual clocks.

High-Visibility, Large LED Display

By utilising 100mm (4 inch) seven-segment LED displays, the digital clocks provide an easily readable, concise and unambiguous, display of time. The time can be easily read at a viewing distance of up to 50m (150ft). The four-digit clocks display hours and minutes, while the six-digit models also display seconds. The second digits are provided with slightly smaller 75mm (3 inch”) LED’s to providing an easily distinguishable time and seconds display. The analog clock have hours, minutes and second hands on a 300mm (12″) clock face with a viewing distance of up to 30m (100ft).

We think that the clocks are an aesthetically pleasing size without being too over-powering in an office or workshop environment.

LED Colours

The digital wall clocks can be provided with a choice of either red or green LED displays.

Mounting Options

The standard units have two key-hole cutouts in the rear panel of the clocks to easily and simply mount on to a wall or flat surface. An optional mounting kit is also available which allows the digital clocks to be mounted either singularly or back-back at right-angles off the wall or ceiling.

The mounting kit is ideal if you need clocks to be visible along a long corridor or platform.

Surface wall-mounting via keyholes. Single or double cantilever mounting. Single or double pendant mounting.
Surface wall-mounting via keyholes. Single or double cantilever mounting. Single or double pendant mounting.
A flush-mounting clock is also available, which can be located in a recess in a wall to provide a clean, flush, aesthetically pleasing time display.

Inova also have a double-sided analog clock available in its product range.


The four-digit clocks are available in Plastic, Aluminium and Stainless Steel enclosures. While the six-digit clocks are available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel only. There are a number of colour options: Black, Off-White and Putty.

There is also a NEMA / IP rated polycarbonate enclosure available for the four and six digit clocks which provides water-tight, dust-tight and corrosion-resistance. These are ideal for food processing plants, pharmaceuticals and any other environment where additional protection is required

Master Clock Options

By using SNTP over IP, the clocks can synchronise to a number of different time references. A local NTP time server can be used, which is generally accepted to be the ideal option. An internet time reference can be used, of which there are a number, which are completely free of charge, however, the network that the clocks are connected to needs to have access to the internet. Alternatively, a Microsoft Windows or LINUX/UNIX server can be used, however, the clocks will all show the same time, but only as accurate as the time on the referenced server. This last option is often preferred by time and attendance installers, so that the clocks utilise the same time as the clocking machines.


The clocks are only as accurate as the NTP server that they are referenced to. Typically, they will display time to within one-fifth of a second (0.2sec) of the reference or master clock.

Configuring the Clocks

Each clock can be configured individually by simply logging on to the unit from a PC on the network using a password-protected telnet session. A number of configuration commands are available, which can then be issued to set time zone, sntp server, 12 or 24 hour clock display and other options. Alternatively, a configuration string can be sent at power up via a DHCP server, so that a large number of clocks can be completely configured, simultaneously, from a single point.


Four or six digit displays to show hours and minutes or hours, minutes and seconds.
Clearly visible 100mm (4 inch) high seven-segment LED display digits.
Flexible power options using IEEE Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
Ethernet RJ45 10/100 networking using standard CAT-5 cabling.
Static, flicker-free, display, ideal for CCTV applications.
Twelve or twenty-four hour format
Easy to install, configure, and maintain.


Maintenance free operation, no adjustment required.
Automatically changes for daylight saving, as required.
Provides an accurate, synchronised, display of time which is critical to the everyday running of an organisation.
Arrive at meetings and training sessions on time with less time wasted waiting for people.
Allows accurate logging of time critical events.


Time and Attendance applications.
Access Control Installations.
Trading rooms.
Airport arrival and departure lounges.
Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries.
Schools and Universities.
Police Interview Rooms.
Pharmaceutical production.
Food processing.

Please contact TimeTools if you would like a quotation for any models in Inova’s range of OnTime clocks.

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