UK Stratum 1 NTP Servers

Listed below is a selection of free public NTP time servers available in the UK. The list is by no means exhaustive and has not been tested by TimeTools.

TimeTools cannot be held responsible for the availability or operation of the time servers listed on this page. We list a selection of links hoping that you may find them useful.

Stratum 1 NTP Servers

HostnameIP Address DNSLocation and Type
chronos.csr.net194.35.252.7YesComputing Systems Research Ltd.
UKNTP V4 primary (Odetics GPS), Sun/Sparc Solaris 2.6, Cornwall, UK
NTP V4.2.0 primary (MSF Radio Clock Receiver), Trustix Linux

Stratum 2 NTP Time Servers

IP AddressDNSLocation and Type & Frequency Services
National Physical Laboratory & Frequency Services
National Physical Laboratory
ntp1.ja.net193.62.22.74YesJANET, Harwell
ntp2.ja.net193.62.22.98YesJANET, Harwell
ntp.virginmedia.com62.253.170.208YesVirgin Media
ntp2.sandvika.net194.164.127.6NoTelehouse Europe, London E14
NTP V4 secondary Sun UltraSPARC Solaris 8 of Manchester, Manchester, England
NTP secondary (S2), SGI/Irix of Manchester, Manchester, England
NTP secondary (S2), PC/FreeBSD
ntp.exnet.com194.207.34.9YesExNet Ltd, London, UK
NTP secondary (stratum 2), Sun-4/Unix
ntp1.sandvika.net194.164.127.5NoTelehouse Europe, London E14
NTP V4 secondary Sun UltraSPARC Solaris 8 University University University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
NTP V4 secondary
ntp0.sandvika.net194.164.127.4NoTelehouse Europe, London E14
NTP V4 secondary Sun UltraSPARC Solaris 8
YesUniversity of Leicester, Leicester, England
NTP V4, stratum 2, GNU/Linux

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The NTP Pool Project

The NTP pool project is a large virtual cluster of internet based network time servers. Pools of servers are located in many countries around the world. Clients can therefore synchronize to relatively local references, which reduces network latency and round-trip delays and provides a more robust source of time.

The pools are used by millions of systems around the world. Indeed, many standard Linux distributions and network appliances use the pool project servers as their default source of time.

The project is maintained and developed by Ask Bjørn Hansen and a group of contributors. Servers are volunteered to the pool. Access to pool project servers is available over the internet to time clients free of charge.

The United Kingdom Pool Zone

The UK pool zone is referenced by the following domain names:

The domain names point to a random set of UK based time servers that change every hour. By regularly changing sets, client load can be evenly distributed to prevent overloading of individual servers.

For more information.See:

Best Practice

If your business or organisation is dependent on an accurate source of time, you should consider installing a local hardware clock referenced NTP server. Internet based time references are often maintained by volunteers and there is no guarantee of accuracy or availability. Additionally, NTP authentication and security mechanisms cannot be used in conjunction with internet based servers. Therefore their use may leave your systems open to abuse.

TimeTools NTP Server - Accurate Time For Networks

TimeTools is a UK-based manufacturer of NTP servers and precision timing equipment. Based on GPS and LF radio technology, our products provide a reliable, accurate and traceable source of time for your network. If synchronized time is important to your organisation, please consider one of our hardware network time server appliances.

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